benefits of root canal therapyHas your dentist in Woodway said that you need root canal therapy? There’s no reason to shy away from this treatment. What used to be painful and difficult has become a modern endodontics treatment with a quick recovery time. The many benefits of root canal therapy range from saving a tooth from extraction to relieving pain.

Root Canal Therapy Saves Your Smile

The biggest benefit of root canal therapy is that it saves a tooth from needing to be extracted. When the root, or pulp, of a tooth, becomes infected, it can quickly cause the entire tooth to decay. Your root canal specialist will create a small hole in the enamel of the crown of your tooth, and then insert tools through this hole to “suck out” the infection and any bacteria in the root. Then a filling matter is added to the now-empty root, and the hole in the enamel is filled. This saves the tooth from inevitable decay and maintains the health of the rest of your gums.

Other Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Other benefits of root canal therapy include allowing you to eat without pain again, which can have a big impact on your overall health. And by saving you from extraction, endodontics also means that you can maintain a normal smile, and protect the rest of your teeth from shifting or premature wear.

Modern root canal therapy takes about as long as getting a cavity filled, and the pain is very minor. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area during the procedure, and an over-the-counter pain killer like ibuprofen can be used to manage the day or two of soreness after.

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