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Help Dad Smile this Father’s Day
June 9, 2012

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what’s a better gift for Dad than a great looking smile? It’s a…

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Restore and Repair Your Smile with High-Quality, Natural-Looking Dental Crowns
August 22, 2011

At his Waco, Texas dental office, Dr. Corbet Locke offers several restorative dental procedures to hir patients looking to repair broken or damaged teeth and breathe new life into their smiles. Dental crowns are one of these restorative measures.

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The Power of Strawberries
April 11, 2011

Spring brings the season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutritionists, doctors, and dentists strongly encourage people to eat plenty of nutritious foods to take advantage of their many health benefits. Strawberries, in particular, are powerful fruits to integrate into your daily diet.

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Perio Protect ® in Waco
April 7, 2011

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Researchers have found that people who suffer from severe periodontal disease double the risk of having pre-cancerous lesions and have four times greater risk of developing an oral tumor. Surviving oral cancer, like most cancers, depends on the stage of the disease at diagnosis. If periodontal disease is diagnosed and treated, the risk of oral cancer decreases.

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