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A Few Home Remedies to Ease Your TMJ Disorder
August 23, 2012

Many people suffer through years of unexplained headaches and facial pain, trying their best to control discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers….

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Seven Tips to Relieve Stress in Waco
April 30, 2012

As you prepare for final exams, visit Dr. Locke to relieve your stress and tension.

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TMJ Quiz from your Waco Dentist
April 16, 2012

Today is Stress Awareness Day, so it’s a perfect time to schedule a visit with Dr. Locke for a TMJ evaluation to relieve your pain and tension.

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Your Headache May be a Dental Problem
March 28, 2012

Your oral health may be causing your headache. Dr. Locke can treat your dental problems to relieve your head and jaw pain.

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Don’t Wait for Dental Problems to Develop
December 12, 2011

Just because your mouth doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean you’re completely healthy. Dr. Locke can detect any potentially harmful changes in your mouth to save your smile before it’s too late.

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