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5 Facts About Sedation Dentistry

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added on: July 9, 2015

Do you feel apprehensive about seeing the dentist? Do even minor procedures make you feel anxious? If so, then you may be suffering from dental anxiety. Fear of the dentist is common and often prevents people from maintaining a healthy and attractive smile. In order to help nervous patients remain calm a dentist may suggest sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Facts

  1. This can help anxious patients: Whether you feel slightly uncomfortable or have a full-fledged fear of the dentist, this option can help you enter a relaxed state before the procedure begins. In addition to people with dental anxiety, this also helps those with overactive gag reflexes, developmental disorders, or major health complications.
  2. Nitrous oxide can calm patients: Also known as laughing gas, this involves the patient wearing a mask that administers the gas through the nose. Patients feel calm and relaxed and the effects wear off almost immediately after the procedure, so you can return to work or school and even drive yourself home.
  3. Oral sedation offers a deeper level of relaxation: If you have more serious anxiety issues or other problems that require a deeper level of calming, you may need oral sedation. Patients take a pill prior to the procedure and achieve a more serious level of calming. Vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure.
  4. You may need to have someone pick you up: With the oral sedation you may feel a little groggy afterward. As a result, you should avoid driving for at least 24 hours and arrange for a friend or family member to take you home. We will also provide this person with your aftercare information.
  5. You may benefit: if you are an adult who feels apprehensive about receiving treatment, then you may need a sedative to comfortably undergo the procedure you require. Your dentist will take your medical history, current health, and other factors into account before recommending the procedure.


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