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Benefits of Invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign
in Woodway, TX

Crooked teeth are not just unattractive to the eye; they can also have a negative effect on oral health. They make it harder for floss to clean between teeth, and they can harbor bacteria in the hard-to-reach places. This is why addressing crooked teeth with your dentist in Woodway is very important. Luckily, we are not limited to metal braces any more. There are many benefits of of Invisalign that you should consider:

No one will see them.

Invisalign clear braces are just that – clear. In fact, most Invisalign wearers get used to the feeling very quickly and do not even have much of a lisp. Invisalign won’t get food caught in it the way metal braces do, and can be removed when eating.

Invisalign is safe and comfortable.

Metal braces pose a safety risk sometimes. The metal brackets and wires can come off, creating wounds in the cheeks or sides of the mouth. And while Invisalign clear braces do exert pressure on the teeth to move, most users who have had both say that the metal braces are far more painful when they are tightened.


They don’t take long.

As one of the most common orthodontics procedures we perform, we are still impressed by the benefits of Invisalign. Metal braces can take as much as five years to adjust your teeth. Invisalign takes anywhere from one year to 18 months. That saves you a lot of money and gets you smiling more.

Results can be duplicated.

Metal wire braces are not created on an easily replicated format. They have to be re-planned each time they are adjusted or touched. On the other hand, Invisalign’s clear tray system can be spit out again and again with the same results seen every time, thanks to an automated creation process and treatment planning software.

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