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Am I Candidate for General Dentistry?

General dentistry, also called “preventative dentistry”, is the branch of dental health care that is concerned with preventing your teeth and gums from becoming unhealthy. Even those who are missing all their teeth (or babies who only have a single tooth) are candidates for general dentistry in Woodway. There are several reasons for this.

Your Gums Make You a Candidate for General Dentistry

Even if you have no teeth at all, preventative dentistry is also concerned with the health of your gums. Your regular visits to the general dentist in Woodway will include screenings for gum disease and oral cancer, both of which can be treated very easily if caught early. However, by avoiding your visits to the dentist, you may develop more serious stages of these diseases that can be painful, expensive, and challenging to treat.

Your Overall Health Makes You a Candidate for General Dentistry

Did you know that the health of your teeth and gums can have an impact on the rest of your health as well? An infection in a tooth can spread to other areas of your body; TMJ can cause painful migraines; being unable to eat properly due to missing teeth can cause you to become malnourished. By caring for your teeth through preventative dentistry, you can avoid these concerns.

General Dentistry Starts at Home

It is important to note that your general dentist in Woodway is only half of your dental care team. The other half is you! When you brush and floss at home, you are engaging in the same type of care that a general dentist can offer, and these activities are just as important for protecting your health.

Learn More from Your General Dentist in Woodway

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