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Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry is the umbrella term used to describe any sort of standard dental visit where you are just getting a good cleaning and an inspection. This term also encompasses anything you do on a daily basis to take care of your teeth – so any time you brush or floss, you are engaging in some preventative dentistry. Here are the benefits of general dentistry:

Always Have the Best Practices

When you regularly visit your general dentist in Woodway, you will always know if you are following the best practices for oral healthcare at home, and can tweak it if you need to. This is a huge benefit, because what you do with your teeth at home is the biggest indicator of how healthy your mouth will be.

Make Your Dental Treatments Last Longer

Another benefit of general dentistry is that your general dentist in Woodway can help you get more time out of expensive dental work, like veneers or whitening. The general dentist knows precisely how to apply preventative dentistry to keep those things as healthy as the rest of your teeth.

Get Regular Screenings

Perhaps the most important benefit of general dentistry is that you get screened for gum disease and oral cancer every time you go to a dental appointment. This is very important because both are treatable in the early stages, and both can present with no side effects at all until they are too well developed to treat.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Woodway

General dentistry is just one of the types of dentistry we offer in Woodway at Corbet Locke, DDS. As your general dentist, we do want to help you to understand the benefits of general dentistry at even just your regular appointments. You will keep your body healthier through general dentistry. Contact us online or call 254-776-4888 to learn more.

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