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A Healthier Mouth for a Healthier You

added on: June 10, 2011

Have you heard anyone ever refer to the mouth as the “window to the body?” If you didn’t know what they meant, let us explain. Your oral health and your overall health are deeply connected, yet many people are unaware of this. The connection between your oral health care and your overall wellbeing is called oral systemic dentistry.

Dr. Corbet Locke, a dentist in Waco, Texas, takes an oral systemic approach to dental care. At your visit, Dr. Locke and his staff will address the problem that brought you in to the office, but will also determine the cause of the problem, which may or may not have anything to do with your teeth.

For example, you’ve visited your general physician several times for to find out why you’ve been getting migraine headaches. Your doctor has examined you and run tests, but they have all been inconclusive. You’re in pain and want relief, and with nowhere else to turn, you decide to visit your dentist. Dr. Locke immediately begins examining you for signs TMJ dysfunction. Using his expertise and extensive training in the field, Dr. Locke uses highly technical instruments and diagnostic methods to determine that your migraines are a result of TMJ disorder, also known as the misalignment of your jaw. In order to treat the problem, Dr. Locke investigates further and finds that your jaw misalignment is a result of bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Now that Dr. Locke has discovered the root of the problem, he can treat your condition effectively.

It has been proven time and time again that your oral and overall healthy are closely intertwined. That’s why we try to educate patients about various ways to lead healthy, high-quality lives. We will work with your overall healthcare team to help you and your family achieve optimal health. For more information, call Dr. Locke’s dental office in Waco, Texas at (254) 776-4888.

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