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Can a Root Canal Procedure Save Your Life?

added on: February 25, 2014

Despite the relative safety and ease with which modern dentists perform root canal therapy, we often speak with patients who delay this important procedure for months or even years. The combination of Dr. Corbet Locke’s experience, skill, and dental technology makes root canal therapy faster, more effective, and more comfortable than ever before. Before you put off a much-needed visit to your dentist office in Waco TX, consider the consequences of delaying or avoiding root canal therapy.

The Truth About Root Canal Therapy

The most common reasons our patients cite in delaying root canal therapy include anxiety about the time needed to perform the procedure, the durability of teeth following the procedure, and misconceptions about discomfort associated with the procedure. Dr. Locke counters that in most cases, his patients need only visit his Waco office once or twice. When you entrust your teeth to our team, you will receive porcelain crowns on the affected teeth. Unlike metal crowns, porcelain crowns have a more natural appearance that blends in nicely with your natural teeth. Dr. Locke also notes that putting off root canal therapy will almost always result in greater discomfort than you will experience during the procedure. He advises that any discomfort will dissipate quickly following root canal therapy, whereas the pain will continue to become worse should you choose not to undergo treatment.

Serious Risks Associated With Delaying Root Canal Therapy

Consider the potential risks of postponing an appointment with your Waco, TX general dentist:

  • Infected tissue will eventually affect the tooth, gums, and jawbone. In time, you may lose the entire tooth and even part of your jawbone.
  • Once serious infection spreads, neither a filling nor antibiotics will be sufficient to treat the problem.
  • The cost of treating rampant infection increases significantly, and you may be required to schedule multiple visits with various specialists to address the issue.
  • If you do not lose the tooth, an extraction may be performed. If this occurs, you face prolonged recovery, compromised facial structure, and additional costs for a replacement tooth.
  • In rare cases, failure to address your need for root canal therapy leads to septicemia, a potentially fatal condition. This severe infection is highly aggressive, affecting your lungs, heart, and brain.

Given these potential consequences, we advise scheduling an appointment with Dr. Locke to discuss whether you are a candidate for root canal therapy. We also offer general and preventive dentistry, including checkups, cleanings, and treatment for TMJ disorders.

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