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Celebrate Farmers’ Day by Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor

added on: October 12, 2012

October 12th is Farmers’ Day. If you wonder what that has to do with your oral health, keep in mind that the majority of what goes into your mouth was, at one point, the labor of a farmer somewhere. While parents, teachers, and other elders throughout our childhood instilled in us the importance of fruits and vegetables to our health, fewer people know the benefits that nature’s sustenance can provide to health of your teeth. To honor the cultivators of our livelihood, your Waco dentist Dr. Corbet Locke explains how some fruits and vegetables work to preserve your good dental health.

The Joys of Citrus

Although oranges, lemons, and many other fruits contain citric acid, which can damage and weaken your tooth enamel, they also provide abundant amounts of vitamin C. When your body is vitamin C deficient, the symptoms can include unhealthy gums that often bleed easily, which can destabilize your teeth. Chewing fiber-rich fruits also helps scrub your teeth clean and increase saliva flow, which works to neutralize the organic acids that these fruits may introduce to your mouth.

Carrots and Celery

Another vitamin important to the health of your teeth is vitamin A, which your body produces with the help of beta carotene. Carrots, celery, and other root vegetables are excellent sources of beta carotene, and their fibrous texture also helps clean teeth and stimulates the gums. Healthy gums are essential to healthy teeth, and the water content of these vegetables helps promote a healthy oral environment. Some experts suggest chewing one of these raw vegetables after a meal for optimal oral health.

Oral Health Beyond Your Diet

Regardless of what your diet consists of, maintaining a clean and healthy mouth requires daily maintenance in the form of brushing and flossing your teeth. Regular dental checkups, which you should attend at least once every six months, will also help protect your mouth against decay and disease. To learn more about protecting your oral health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Corbet Locke by calling our Waco dental office at (254) 776-4888. We welcome patients from Waco, Woodway, McGregor, Hewitt, and surrounding communities.