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Handling Emergency Dental Care

added on: May 9, 2011

According to a recent survey, one in six people experience a dental emergency every year. Some emergencies happen when the dentist’s office is open. However, many emergencies happen on vacation, after hours, or over the weekend.  Should you experience a dental emergency when your dentist’s office is closed, these helpful first-aid tips may help until you can see the dentist:

  • Chipped or broken tooth: Rinse mouth and broken piece of tooth (if available) with warm water. If bleeding, apply gauze to the area until the bleeding stops.  Hold an icepack to the outside of the mouth to decrease swelling.
  • Lost filling: Cover the cavity with a piece of sugarless gum or reattach the filling with an over-the-counter dental glue or toothpaste.
  • Lost crown: Coat the inside of the crown with toothpaste, denture adhesive, dental wax, or dental cement. Place the crown back over the tooth. Warning: never use superglue!
  • Knocked out tooth: Rinse the tooth gently with warm water. Try to replace the tooth into the socket and hold in place until you can get to an emergency room or an emergency dentist. If unable to place the tooth in the socket, soak the tooth in milk. The tooth has the highest chance of replacement if treated within one hour. DO NOT DAMAGE THE NERVE!
  • Soft-tissue injury: Rinse mouth thoroughly. Apply gauze or a teabag to site for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. If bleeding continues, go to the emergency room.

I’m Dr. Corbet Locke, a Waco dentist, and I understand the inconvenience of a dental emergency. I take pride in trying to work dental emergency cases into my schedule immediately. If you experience a dental emergency while vacationing in Central Texas, contact my Waco dental office at (254)776-4888 for an appointment.