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How Do You Stop Bruxism?

added on: January 4, 2016

Did you know that millions of people experience an oral health issue that damages teeth and leads to discomfort? The issue is known as bruxism, or the persistent grinding of the teeth. When you grind your teeth you can damage your smile and even cause other oral health problems, like TMJ disorder, to develop. How do you stop bruxism?

How Do You Stop Bruxism? FAQs

Question: What causes people to grind their teeth?

Answer: Most of the time the cause is simply stress. High levels of stress in your day-to-day life can lead to teeth grinding at night. Other potential causes include misalignment or tooth loss, which place stress on the jaw joints. TMJ disorder and injury to the face or jaw can also lead to teeth grinding.

Question: How do I know if I have bruxism?

Answer: Most of the time the grinding episodes will only happen at night. Unless someone is there to tell you about it in the morning you will need to be aware of common daytime symptoms. For example, you may notice your jaw feels sore, or headaches and earaches. Other symptoms include toothache and tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. If you encounter one or more of these symptoms then talk to your dentist today.

Question: How do I reduce symptoms?

Answer: You start by reducing anxiety in your life. You also cut back on consuming caffeine products or eating hard or chewy foods to ease teeth grinding.

Question: What treatment options should I consider?

Answer: In order to stop bruxism your doctor may suggest an oral appliance. The device is similar to a nightguard and places a barrier between the teeth to prevent further damage. If the alignment of your jaw is leading to teeth grinding then the device can also reposition the jaw. We also suggest orthodontics or possibly a dental restoration to reduce the risk of teeth grinding. If you have any questions or concerns about bruxism then please contact our office today. We can help address the issue can ease the discomfort.


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