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How To Address Common Emergencies

added on: October 8, 2015

You know that when faced with a dental emergency you should see your dentist. Any sudden pain or damage to your teeth or gums requires treatment and attention to safeguard your overall oral health. However, did you know that you can takes steps to alleviate your discomfort following a dental emergency? How do you address common emergencies? Doing so can often help reduce discomfort before the dentist can see you.

Common Dental Emergency Situations

  1. A sudden toothache: If you experience sudden pain in your tooth, this could be a sign of an infection or a fracture. You should see a dentist right away. In the meantime, gently floss on either side of your tooth to ensure something has not become stuck between your teeth, causing the subsequent discomfort.
  2. A loose restoration: If a filling or crown becomes loose then you need to see a dentist. Without treatment, you may eventually lose the restoration and your tooth become susceptible to decay or infection. In the meantime, you can use a small dab of Vaseline or toothpaste to hold the crown in place.
  3. A chipped tooth: Breaking or chipping a tooth may increase the risk of decay, infection, or eventual tooth loss. To avoid discomfort, contact your dentist right away. You can also apply a cold compress on the side of your face to reduce swelling or place gauze on the tooth to stem any bleeding.
  4. A lost restoration: If you lose a crown or filling see the dentist right away. Avoid any sugary foods or drinks before the dentist repairs the tooth, otherwise you could encounter serious discomfort. Don’t put off replacing a restoration, an exposed tooth has a higher risk of cavities or infection.
  5. A knocked-out tooth: If you lose a tooth, try and recover it. Don’t touch the root, only touch the crown and then clean the tooth under gently running water to remove dirt. Place the tooth back into the socket and bite down slightly to hold in place. If this isn’t possible, place it in a glass of milk. As with a chipped tooth, you may need gauze or a cold compress to control any bleeding or swelling.


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