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New Year’s Resolutions

added on: January 5, 2011

Be honest. What is your New Year’s resolution? Do you plan, like most Americans, to lose weight, eat healthier, or manage your money differently? Most people resolve to improve their life in January, then by February, they’ve already broken their vows.

I want to ask you a few more questions. Did you go to the dentist for two checkups and two cleanings in 2010? Do you have an unfinished treatment plan? Are you ready for dentures that don’t slip and wobble? Have you thought and thought about cosmetic dentistry, but you just never pulled the trigger?

In 2011, make a promise to yourself that you’ll take care of your mouth. It’s not a hard resolution to keep; much easier than exercising or changing your diet. Start right now by calling to reserve a checkup, consultation, or just a visit with me, Dr. Corbet Locke in Waco. I can help you get on track for oral health, then stay on track for life.

A strong, healthy, attractive smile is a priceless gift you can give yourself. You’ll never regret it!