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Take a Quiz from Your Waco Dentist

added on: April 2, 2013

quiz WacoA healthy mouth starts with a well-informed caregiver, and since you are the primary caregiver of your own teeth, it is important that you have the knowledge to care for them properly. This dental quiz from your Waco dentist, Dr. Corbet Locke, will test your knowledge about your teeth and homecare.

Take the Quiz

  1. True or False: You should avoid sugar because it rots your teeth.
  2. True or False: It is a good idea to angle the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line.
  3. True or False: Brushing as often as possible is a good idea.

Check Your Answers

  1. False. Sugar itself does not rot your teeth. However, plaque typically forms during and immediately following the consumption of sugar-filled foods and drinks. This sticky, clear substance attaches to teeth and is filled with bacteria, which consume sugars and starches in the mouth and produce an acid that wears away tooth enamel. Thus the bacteria are responsible for damaging your teeth rather than the sugar. However, avoiding sugary foods and drinks is a good idea nonetheless.
  2. True. Gum disease often results from the presence of bacteria on teeth near the gum line. By angling the bristles of your toothbrush toward the gum line to keep the area free of bacteria, you can help keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  3. False. Brushing too often can actually cause harm to your mouth. The wear that would result from brushing your teeth over and over throughout the day could eventually strip teeth of their enamel. The constant abrasion could also damage the gums. Thus, it is a good practice to brush teeth twice a day. Brushing twice strikes a good balance between brushing too often and not brushing often enough.

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