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TMJ Quiz from your Waco Dentist
April 16, 2012

Today is Stress Awareness Day, so it’s a perfect time to schedule a visit with Dr. Locke for a TMJ evaluation to relieve your pain and tension.

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Treat TMJ Troubles in a Timely Matter
July 18, 2011

Using advanced technology, Dr. Locke can effectively treat TMJ, as well as determine the extent of the damage and the best method to restore your bite and realign your jaw joints. If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, call Dr. Locke’s dental office in Waco, Texas at (254) 776-4888 to reserve your appointment.

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How to Beat Bruxism
July 1, 2011

Beating your bruxism is a lot easier than you may think. All you need is a nightguard to prevent subconscious teeth grinding and clenching. Many types of nightguards are available, and patients react differently to various styles. If one appliance doesn’t work, another may. In many cases, simply wearing a nightguard as directed by your dentist will eliminate the problem.

Dr. Corbet Locke is a family dentist in Waco, Texas and treats patients with bruxism and a variety of other dental and oral conditions, as well as offers general dentistry service. Call his dental office at (254) 776-4888 to schedule an appointment.

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