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The Root of Problem Teeth

added on: October 5, 2011

toothache root canal therapyThere’s a stigma associated with root canal treatment. People associate the procedure with pain. Ironically, the reverse is closer to the truth: root canals typically relieve tooth pain. What’s more, the procedure is relatively simple and brief, taking only one or two appointments to complete.  Dr. Locke understands the common false impressions about root canal therapy and wants to dispel the myths.

See if you’ve subscribed to any of these commonly circulated falsehoods.

Myth: Root canals are terribly painful.
Truth: Most people feel much less pain after their root canal has been completed.

Myth: Root canal therapy is time consuming and extremely involved.
Truth: The procedure can usually be completed in one or two appointments.

Myth: Root canal benefits last only a short while.
Truth: A crucial component in extending the life upon completion is to have a crown placed over the treated tooth, potentially extending its integrity for life.

Myth: Tooth extraction is preferable to root canal therapy.
Truth: Pulling teeth is significantly more involved and time-consuming, and maintaining natural teeth is by far more conservative. Replacing an extracted tooth comes with costs, in both time and money. Not replacing an extracted tooth has costs, too: shifting of teeth, poor chewing ability, self-consciousness when smiling, and TMJ or bruxism issues from malocclusion.

Dr. Locke also provides sedation dentistry for patients who are concerned about comfort during any procedure, including a root canal. Call our Waco dentist office today at (254) 776-4888 to schedule your consultation or second-opinion visit with Dr. Locke.