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Waco Dentist Tells You What to Expect from Dental Implants

added on: March 14, 2013

dental implant illustrationIf you’ve been considering a dental implant as the solution to your missing tooth or teeth, you’ve probably been wondering just what the dental implant process will involve. Not knowing the specifics of a procedure seems to set people on edge and keep them from fully committing to the treatment. Thankfully, any questions you may have had about the dental implant process are about to be answered. Your Waco dentist, Dr. Corbet Locke answers your most frequently asked questions about dental implants.

Is Everyone Eligible to Get Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. Because the implant’s post must be inserted into the jaw, where it must fuse with the jawbone, a patient must have adequate bone density in order to undergo the procedure. In some cases, however, bone grafting may allow a patient with inadequate bone density to receive a dental implant. All patients seeking dental implants will undergo a thorough examination that includes x-rays to determine whether or not they have the proper bone density to support a dental implant.

How Is the Implant Inserted?

The dental implant procedure has two steps. During the first step, your Waco dentist, Dr. Locke, will place the implant’s titanium post into the jaw. Following this procedure, a process called osseointegration will begin. This process is the fusion that occurs between the post and the jawbone. Osseointegration take about three months, during which time, patients can wear a temporary restoration. Once osseointegration is complete, Dr. Locke can complete the second step of the dental implant procedure. During this step, Dr. Locke will attach the custom-made crown to the post, thereby completing the restoration.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants yield many benefits. Patients can eat a wide variety of foods without worry, and they can care for the prosthetic tooth just as they would a natural tooth. Dental implants also help to prevent several complications stemming from tooth loss.

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