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Waco Dentist Explains Facial Collapse

added on: June 19, 2012

Dental HeathHow Your Body Uses Calcium

Approximately 90{dcbe0cd52ce35e2f156887e14605e24111ce99c14f01d3853732956d43020bdd} of your body’s calcium supply is stored in your bones and teeth. The remaining 10{dcbe0cd52ce35e2f156887e14605e24111ce99c14f01d3853732956d43020bdd} circulates throughout your body, facilitating functions such as blood clotting, muscle and blood vessel movement, and the transmission of signals within the nervous system. When calcium levels drop too low, your body saps calcium from your bones and teeth to keep blood levels even. Drinking milk or eating foods high in calcium can replenish your supply and reduce the risk of damage to teeth and bones. However, Dr. Locke warns that another scenario that leads to nutrient deficiency is not as easily remedied.

Nutrient Deficiency Due to Tooth Loss

The most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease. When your gums are infected, the connective tissue that holds your gums to your teeth is attacked and weakened. As the gums recede, teeth loosen and eventually fall out. Missing teeth convince the body that the mouth and jaw no longer require as many nutrients as before, since there are fewer teeth to support. If missing teeth are not replaced with dental implants, the reduced supply of nutrients will cause the jawbone to slowly deteriorate. This leads to the sunken appearance of the lips, cheeks, and jaw that mark facial collapse.

Restoring Your Teeth can Help Prevent Facial Collapse

The process of facial collapse is slow, and it may be a while before you notice the effects. By then, placing dental implants may not be an option. Implants require strong bone tissue for an anchor. If bone has degenerated, a bone graft may be necessary to restore the lost jawbone before placing dental implants.

Implants are small rods or screws that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. An implant is made of biocompatible titanium. The jawbone accepts and bonds to the implant’s surface, effectively convincing your body that there is a tooth to support once again.

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