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Waco Dentist Explains Porcelain Veneers

added on: October 20, 2011

If you’ve been an adult for the past 10-20 years, you’ve seen the evolution of porcelain veneers, even though you may not realize it. Early generations of porcelain veneers earned a reputation for looking bulky and fake. Remember Hilary Duff’s first smile makeover? However, today, veneers are different! They’re thin, yet durable, as well as natural looking.

Contemporary Porcelain Veneers Look Natural
Modern dental materials allow veneers to be fabricated ultra thin, so that only .3mm or less of tooth preparation is necessary in many cases. As a cosmetic dentist in Waco, Dr. Locke is trained and experienced in designing porcelain veneers that look totally natural and unforgettably beautiful. He works with a reputable dental lab, where ceramists use quality dental ceramics and layering techniques to hand craft gorgeous porcelain veneers. The model in this photo isn’t actually a model – she’s Dr. Locke’s patient! How does her smile look to you?

The Instant Smile Makeover
Another reason veneers are considered conservative is because they can take the place of a lengthy treatment plan. Porcelain veneers whiten teeth, straighten teeth, close gaps and eliminate chips, and can even correct oddly shaped teeth. If you opted for teeth whitening, orthodontics, and crowns, your smile makeover plan could take months or years – and you’d spend a lot of time in the dental chair! Porcelain veneers generally require two or three visits, start to finish.

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