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Waco Dentist Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Braces

added on: May 9, 2013

lovely smile Waco 1Are you unhappy with your smile because of crooked teeth? If so, you’ve probably thought about braces. However, as an adult, getting braces can be quite daunting. People just don’t seem to wear braces past a certain age, and the thought of agreeing to sport metal wires and brackets for an extended period of time appeals to very few. Thankfully, clear braces exist to straighten teeth without the embarrassment. To ensure that you are well informed about them, your Waco dentist, Dr. Corbet Locke, is answering your most frequently asked questions about clear braces.

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces involve a system of clear and removable aligners. Each aligner repositions teeth a little bit closer to the desired outcome. Patients switch aligners about every two weeks, and when they have completed the series of aligners, the repositioning is complete. However, patients do not have to wait to see their smiles transform. Because the aligners are clear and removable, they can have a good view of their smiles from start to finish.

How do I care for my teeth while wearing clear braces?

Homecare is delightfully simple with clear braces. Rather than having to work around metal bars and wires, patients with clear braces can simply remove their aligners. Then they are free to brush and floss their teeth as they normally would. The same goes for mealtimes, allowing patients with clear braces a wide array of dining options.

Can anyone wear clear braces?

Clear braces are typically reserved for older teens and adults. They can improve the appearance of most orthodontic problems. However, clear braces are not right for some cases. To determine whether or not clear braces can transform your smile, visit your Waco dentist, Dr. Locke.

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