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Waco Dentist Asks: Do You Look Like Your Parents?

added on: January 18, 2013

Do You Look Like Your ParentsYou may not want to look like your parents, but, chances are, you do. Resembling your mother or father can’t be all bad, although you probably don’t want to look their age. As you grow older, you can expect to undergo changes like those of your parents. So, enjoy your youth while you can! This means practicing routine dental care on your own and with your dentist. What can you do to prevent your smile from making you look twice your age? Waco dentist Dr. Corbet Locke provides some insight into how your mouth naturally ages, and how you can maintain its youthful look.

An Older Mouth

Age brings several challenges, one of them being gum recession. When gums recede, more tooth is exposed, which can cause sensitivity at the base of teeth. While you can expect gum recession to take place later in life, you may experience receding gums early if you don’t take care of your mouth. Long breaks between brushing, or brushing and flossing too hard, can allow gum tissue irritation and trigger early recession. Teeth grinding (bruxism) can also cause gums to recede. This dental problem subtly ages your mouth.

Over time, teeth can discolor naturally and they show more dentin, the yellow-tinted layer beneath enamel. Consuming dark-colored foods and drinks can stain enamel and make your teeth, and you, look older. Keeping tooth enamel strong and white is more of a challenge for some people than others.

Preventive Care

The American Dental Association suggests brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, and seeing your dentist twice a year. During six-month checkups, Dr. Locke can stop tooth decay before it progresses and clean teeth to help keep them white and healthy. To make the most of at-home dental care, floss first, then brush. Clearing plaque from spaces between teeth before brushing lowers your risk of gum disease. Flossing after brushing only introduces bacteria from your hands to your mouth once more.

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If you need to take a few years off of your appearance, see Dr. Locke. With professional teeth whitening and gum disease treatment, he can maintain a young-looking smile for a lifetime. Schedule an appointment at our 76712 dental office by calling (254) 776-4888. We welcome patients from Waco, Woodway, McGregor, Hewitt, and surrounding communities.