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Healthy, Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

added on: February 7, 2012

With Valentine’s Day only a week away, you’re probably trying to think of the perfect gift for your sweetheart. Delicious candy, cute stuffed animals, and heartfelt love letters are all traditional romantic treats. Dr. Locke recommends avoiding the chocolate candy this year because it could decay her smile. Instead, try these passionate gift ideas that will keep her smiling.

Spa Day

Help your honey relax with her favorite spa treatments. You could arrange a couple’s massage to spend the day together. If you prefer a romantic, quiet evening at home, consider giving her an aroma therapy gift basket so she can take a relaxing bubble bath. Be sure to include the popular romance scents, like jasmine, lavender, rose, and vanilla.


Roses are always nice, but if you’re concerned that they’ll die too quickly, consider a delicious red fruit bouquet. Apples, strawberries, grapes, and grapefruit are all fruits that express the color of love. As a bonus, they will give your girl the healthy nutrients she needs to protect her smile. You could also include chocolate-dipped fruits to add a taste of sweetness. If you want to include a romantic bottle of red wine, be careful that it doesn’t stain her teeth.


Perhaps the greatest gift you can give her is your smile. Smiling makes other people feel good, and it will tell her that you enjoy being with her. If you want to show her how much her smile means to you, give her a gift certificate to Dr. Locke’s dentist office. His cosmetic treatments can help enhance and beautify her smile. A healthy smile will also help keep her mouth fresh and kissable for any surprising moments.

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