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Your Waco Dentist Discusses Proper Care For Braces

added on: September 28, 2012

As patients are fitted for braces, they are often nervous about how they will adapt to these new devices. However, many of our patients become so comfortable with their braces that they hardly notice them after a matter of weeks. However, with braces, there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure that your teeth—and your braces—are cleaned properly. Your Waco dentist discusses proper care for your braces to help ensure the smoothest of transitions.

Foods to Avoid

When you are first fitted with braces, it is important to eat foods that require little to no chewing. You can even indulge in a milkshake as long as you remember to clean your teeth properly after drinking or consuming sugar. Foods such as carrots, hard candies, and popcorn should be avoided as they can get stuck behind the wires of your braces.

Tips to Brushing and Flossing Effectively

With braces, flossing your teeth can be challenging at first. The easiest way to floss with braces is to thread the floss underneath and around the wires of your brackets. If this is too difficult, you can purchase a floss threader that greatly simplifies the process. With braces, food has a real knack for getting stuck and lodged in openings. Flossing is always an important part of your daily dental cleaning. For those with braces, it is even more crucial.

If You Participate in Sports

Even if you play a non-contact sport such as softball or baseball, we highly recommend that you protect your teeth by wearing a mouth guard. There are types of mouth guards designed specifically for those with braces. An injury to your mouth can be even more severe if part of your braces become dislodged, so make sure you are  using the proper protection.

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