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What’s Wrong? Ask Your General Dentist

added on: May 3, 2016

Have you noticed some changes in your smile recently? Whether that means sensitivity, visible differences like grey lines or cracks, or other dental symptoms, it is important not to ignore signals that indicate there could be a problem. Instead, talk to your general dentist when there are changes in your smile, that way you can address the problems quickly and help protect your teeth and gums for the long term!

It hurts to eat ice cream. Why?

Increased sensitivity or discomfort is often a symptom of a dental cavity or other problem. That is because acidic erosion can cause the more sensitive layer of tooth beneath the enamel to become exposed. When this occurs, many patients notice sensitivity or discomfort, especially when trying to enjoy cold treats, like ice cream, or hot beverages like coffee.

If restorative treatment is sought quickly a simple dental filling may be able to repair the smile. The longer a patient delays a dental visit, however, the more likely invasive measures will become necessary to save the damaged tooth.

My tooth is chipped. Is that a problem?

While visible chips and cracks might seem like purely cosmetic issues, they can actually be bad news for the health of a tooth. That is because an injury that caused a chip or crack could also have created intrinsic problems that are not visible but could lead to infection.

Even minor chips or cracks can also worsen with the wear caused by chewing. So if you suffer an injury to the mouth, or notice visible damage, it’s important to schedule a dental appointment to make sure the teeth are healthy.

In some cases, a situation may even be classified as a dental emergency, and more immediate attention may be required.


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