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What Can Dental Implants Do for You?

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added on: September 18, 2017

If you have lost some teeth, or you are about to, the feelings of anxiety that you experience are understandable. At the same time, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are in the exact same position that you find yourself in right now. What you need to know is that there are options available to you. While your teeth will not grow back, there is something that you can do in order to return your smile and your mouth back to its beauty and natural position. You might not think that this is possible, but your dentist in Waco is able to work wonders with dental implants. Keep reading to learn more about what dental implants can do for you.

What Are Dental Implants?

To begin, it is important that you understand what dental implants actually are. They are not dentures. Dental implants are a viable alternative to natural teeth, and they operate in exactly the same way. If you have a tooth that has become dislodged for any reason, and it cannot be reinserted into its socket by your Waco dentist, then dental implants may be a solution for you. While they are synthetic in their structure, implant dentistry makes it possible to have your teeth back whole again. This includes if you have lost an entire set of teeth for any reason. You will find that this is a major advantage overdentures, as those are false teeth that are not designed to remain in your mouth on a permanent basis.

Dental implants are designed to be as strong and stable as your natural teeth. When properly cared for, they can last for the rest of your life. They are so much like your natural teeth that nobody close to you will even be aware that you have had this type of restorative dentistry performed unless you make it a point to tell them. You might have lost your teeth due to a major mouth related trauma or to decay. The reason really does not matter. If your gum lines and bone structure are suitable, your dentist in Waco may very well tell you that you are a candidate for dental implants. If they do, you should strongly consider having the procedure performed.

When you go to visit the dentist in Waco, you will want to ask about the possibility of getting dental implants. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, but you will want to ask just to make sure. There is no reason to live without teeth, and this is a way to shore up those spaces and get you the smile makeover that you have been longing for. It is simply too good of an alternative to passing up.

Advantages of Dental Implants

You might be understandably wary of having any major type of dental work performed. It is not a pleasant proposition. We understand that. At the same time, a dental implants specialist can help you understand that there are so many advantages to having this procedure performed that you will be left wondering what you waited so long for. You owe it to yourself to seriously consider implant dentistry. To help you make that decision, we have put together a list of benefits that should help you feel more comfortable with the coming procedure.

Stable and Long LastingMany types of restorative dentistry involve quick fixes that do not last forever. Bridges, crowns, and more all break down over time. While they certainly get the job done, they are not really a viable means of replacing missing teeth. When your teeth are gone, the space that results can be rather unsightly. Food also tends to get trapped in those areas, further exacerbating the problem and leading to tooth decay. Dental implants are a long-term solution. They will fill in those gaps, give you a great looking smile, and help restore your overall oral health. You will brush and floss just as you normally would with your natural teeth. You will continue to see your dentist in Waco for regular checkups, and you will enjoy the benefits that come from having dental implants for life.

Worrying About Your Teeth Becomes a Thing of the Past With many types of dental procedures, there is always the fear that something will go wrong down the road. Perhaps a filling falls out of place, your teeth become stained again, or your dentures fall out entirely (hey – it happens!). You do not have these types of concerns with dental implants. The implants themselves are actually fused to the bones in your mouth. They become one in a type of symbiotic relationship that only your dentist in Waco can really explain to you. This means that you will no longer have to worry about a bridge coming undone, or any of a number of other things happening that will adversely impact your smile once again. As long as you properly take care of your teeth, and barring any unforeseen accidents, you are looking at dental implants lasting for quite some time to come.

Regain Your Natural SmileThis is likely the benefit that you are most looking forward to. When you lose a tooth, your smile seems to be impacted in a way that you are most definitely not pleased with. The only way to really get that back is to eliminate the empty space where the tooth used to be. You might be forced to have a dead or decaying tooth removed, or you might have a tooth that is really chipped beyond the point of a cosmetic dentist being able to save it. You might think that your natural smile is gone forever as a result. Even dentures scare you because you have heard so many horror stories of something embarrassing happening when a person least expects it. With dental implants, your mouth will feel whole again. Not only will you have a full set of teeth as a result, but you will also be able to smile with confidence. Your implants will not fall out, they will not lose their color, and you will be most pleased with the results in the end.

Protect the Bones in Your JawIt is easy to forget about our jawbones. When they work, you do not even really notice their existence, and we all tend to take them for granted. However, these bones are quite particular. They are designed to work with your teeth. If you are missing teeth, the bones will feel that they are without a purpose and they will stop performing their intended function. Because of this, you want to take care of any missing gaps, particularly those formed by extracted teeth, as quickly as possible. This will give those bones a reason to work again, and they will stay healthy and strong as a result. If you neglect this, the bones will weaken as you age and it will become more difficult for a dentist in Waco to make dental implants work for you.

Keep Your Teeth Where They BelongThis might sound like a crazy advantage, but just consider dentures. While these have long provided a great solution for millions of people to have a set of temporary teeth, there are some major drawbacks associated with them. Because they do not engage with the gum line or the bones located under your teeth sockets, they are not meant to stay in your mouth. You cannot brush or floss your dentures, so they must be removed at the end of every day. As a result, you need to be without your teeth for long periods of time, usually at night. With dental implants, your teeth will stay right where they were meant to be all along – in your mouth. You will not ever take them out. In fact, you could not do so if you tried. They really are just like your natural teeth and they are secured firmly to your bone. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you really do have your original set of teeth back.

Say Good Bye to CavitiesThis is one advantage that your dental implant specialist will point out to you that might seem rather shocking at first. With your dental implants, you will never have to worry about developing a cavity again! This is because of the implant, even though it looks and acts just like a natural tooth, is made from a synthetic material. This is immune from the harmful effects of bacteria and other forms of decay that impact our mouth on a daily basis. When you visit your dentist in Waco, you will not have to worry about them telling you that your implant has developed a cavity because it simply is not possible. At the same time, you will still want to take great care to make sure you keep up on your oral hygiene. You need to brush and floss as you normally would, and you need to see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. You can still develop gum disease and decay if you do not take care of your whole set of teeth, implants and all.

Protect Your Natural TeethUnless you have lost all your teeth, you will still have more than a few natural teeth that need to be protected. When we become older, these teeth can become easily dislodged or loose. If there are spaces around those teeth, this becomes an even more common phenomenon because the bone and gums in the surrounding area become weakened. You will want to put in dental implants in order to secure the region and create a healthier outlook for the natural teeth that remain.

Eat a Wide Variety of Food When your mouth is hurting, you do not want to eat. It is just too painful a process. If you are missing a lot of teeth, you might find that certain food that you once enjoyed quickly become a thing of the past. Take a nice piece of steak for example. You really need your teeth and a solid jawbone to really enjoy this type dinner to its fullest. If that is not possible, then you will forgo it for something that is much softer. You do not have to live your life like this any longer. Even dentures can be a concern because the hard food is not recommended. Not only can your dentures fall out if you are working them too hard, the pressure on your gums can become unbearable as well. With dental implants, you will find that you have your teeth all back together again. It is like a happy family reunion. You can now eat what you want and not have to worry about any repercussions. Your dental implants specialist can explain this further to you.

The Bottom Line…

If you are missing teeth, you need to consider dental implants. The sooner you can get this procedure done, the better. Remember that your gums and jawbone will weaken over time, making implants more difficult to put in. You do not have to fear the process. Your dentist in Waco can go over everything with you and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. In the end, your smile will radiate and you feel more self-confident. These are reasons alone to talk to your restorative dentist right away. Contact Corbet Locke, DDS at 254-776-4888 to learn more about the benefits of dental implants and to discover if they are right for you.

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