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Am I a Candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

candidate for a root canal
added on: September 11, 2017

Root canal…is it possible for two words to create more upset, fear or worry? This reputation is unfair, though, and Corbet Locke, DDS in Waco, TX wants patients to know why. In fact, he wants a candidate for root canal therapy to be relieved that this is a treatment option available. Let’s delve into that and find out exactly why…

Endodontics Explained

The area of dental specialization known as endodontics focuses on the interior of the tooth, sometimes referred to as the pulp. It is an area with nerves, dentin, blood and lymph vessels, and it can become diseased and infected if the tooth is compromised by decay. If you experience the pain of a deeply infected tooth, you might already be thinking you’ll need a root canal, but that might not be the case.

Why? Well, it can go two other ways. You might just have a cavity that can be treated with a traditional filling. Alternately, you might have such a seriously infected tooth that it has abscessed and is at jeopardy for loss or extraction.

As your dentist in Waco, Dr. Locke strongly encourages patients to get regular dental cleanings and exams to avoid such serious crises. However, if you do have this level of pain and decay, it is important to come in right away to allow us to determine if you are a candidate for root canal therapy.

If you are deemed a good candidate for root canal therapy, you can rest assured that all of the pain is about to come to an end. This is because the job of the root canal specialist is to remove the affected material inside of the tooth, treat the tooth and then top it with a crown or a filling. Typically, root canals end with a new crown because so much of the interior of the tooth has to be removed, but this is not always the case.

Here is where we get to the part where we can understand why the reputation held by root canals is so unfair, and why it is good news to hear you are a candidate for root canal therapy. After all, there is nothing painful about a root canal – instead, it brings pain to an end. Secondly, it lets you keep the natural tooth, and use it without any further pain or difficulty.

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