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Can You Do More to Prevent Dental Cavities?

added on: August 23, 2016

Is it difficult to enjoy hot and cold foods, due to heightened sensitivity? Are you concerned that you may have developed a dental cavity? If so, you can keep calm knowing that dental fillings are often a simple and fast way to protect a tooth after a cavity. Even better, excellent preventive care can help you avoid future cavities and many other oral health problems. It just requires a combination of diligent at-home hygiene and regular dental visits!

Hygiene Is Important, But It Is Not Enough

Dental hygiene is a key aspect of maintaining a healthy smile over time. That is because both brushing and flossing help to remove food particles and bacteria that can remain in the mouth long after you’ve enjoyed your meal or snack.

To prevent plaque buildup from forming on the surface of teeth, which can lead to cavities as well as gum disease, it is important to both brush your teeth twice daily and to floss at least once day.

Mouthwashes can be beneficial as well, but not as a substitute for other dental care. Drinking plenty of water is another surprisingly simple way to protect the oral health, as it helps create saliva which limits plaque’s ability to stick to your teeth’s surface.

Checkups and Cleanings Are Essential Preventive Care

While dental hygiene can slow plaque buildup, it is rarely enough to completely avoid any plaque from calcifying onto the surface of the teeth. Once there, it is called tartar, and it can only be removed through a professional cleaning. This is why regular dental visits are absolutely essential to preserving one’s oral health.


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