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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids Heading Back to School

added on: August 18, 2016

The kids will be heading back to school any day now, and that means that you will likely have a full calendar throughout the fall. Before your schedule becomes jam-packed, though, take time to stock your fridge and pantry with healthy lunch options your kids will enjoy, but items that are also dentist-approved. After all, what they eat will impact their bodies and the health of their smiles. Make sure you’re sending them to school with foods that will be good for both their overall wellbeing and their oral health!

What They Eat Impacts Their Oral Health

Everything your family eats on a regular basis will affect your oral health. If you’re eating lots of sugary items, you are more likely to struggle with cavities. On the flip side, if you’re filling your diets with nutrient-rich foods you are more likely to enjoy prolonged oral health.

To send your kids to school with healthy lunches that they’ll actually eat, try the following:

  • Up the fun ante when serving kids fresh vegetables, by packing flavorful dips or dressings. There are plenty of healthy options, like peanut butter, hummus, and yogurt-based ranch dips, which can make celery and carrot sticks much more exciting.
  • Low-sugar dairy products are another healthy addition to lunch boxes. Just read the labels carefully. You might be surprised how many kid-friendly yogurt items list sugar as the second or third ingredient. Instead of relying on overly sweetened fruit-flavored yogurt products, consider a plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead, which is far more smile-healthy.
  • Drinking plenty of water is also essential to maintaining good oral health. So skip the fruit juices, sports drinks, and other sugar-filled items, in favor of good, old-fashioned H20!


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