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Is a Dental Crown What Your Smile Needs?

added on: July 20, 2016

For years, dental crowns were metal fixtures that could protect damaged teeth, but often at the expense of the esthetics of one’s smile. They could also be uncomfortable for those with metal sensitivities, and conducted a great deal of heat, which could create discomfort while chewing. Fortunately, modern dental crowns made of dental porcelain are more cosmetically-pleasing and comfortable than their predecessors, making it possible to restore one’s smile both beautifully and functionally. So if you suspect you need restorative dentistry, here are a few reasons to consider porcelain crowns.

Is your tooth chipped or cracked?

If you have recently damaged a tooth, either through trauma or an accident, a dental crown could help protect your smile. A crown bears the brunt of your chewing, in order to help keep the damaged or frail tooth under it intact. This is particularly useful in the case of chips or cracks, which can worsen with wear.

It is also why dentists frequently recommend dental crowns, after a patient has struggled with a particularly bad cavity. While fillings are often sufficient for addressing minor decay, extremely damaged and exposed teeth can benefit from the added protection and durability of a dental crown.
Do you have an infection?

In the case of a tooth infection, root canal treatment will likely be needed. Afterwards, though, a crown can help protect the tooth against reinfection, as well as additional decay. While this might seem like extensive treatment to save a tooth, keep in mind that it is best to preserve an exiting tooth, whenever possible, in order to prevent the need for an extraction, followed by a prosthetic tooth replacement.


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