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Restorative Dentistry Can Get You Smiling Again: Part Two

added on: July 15, 2016

Dental problems like cavities can cause a variety of side effects, one of the most notorious of which is often discomfort or trouble eating, especially sweets. There can also be visible changes to one’s smile, that cause a person to fear worsening damage to their teeth, but also embarrassment at having to show a noticeably imperfect smile. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to address many dental issues quickly and effectively, so that patients can get back to enjoying their lives without discomfort or insecurity, related to their smiles!

The Many Ways Dental Crowns Can Help Protect Teeth

One of the most common forms of restorative dentistry is dental crowns. That is because crowns are incredibly versatile, in that they can effectively protect teeth, which have become fragile or damaged due to a number of potential reasons.

  • While fillings are the most common form of treatment for cavities, if a cavity has already progressed extensively, the dentist may recommend a crown as treatment, instead.
  • Crowns can also be used after root canal treatment to create a seal against bacteria. This can help prevent reinfection, and also make chewing more comfortable.
  • Dental crowns are also great ways of preventing chips or cracks in teeth from worsening with wear, as they help bear the brunt of one’s chewing.
  • Crowns can even be used as part of a prosthetic, to complete a smile after tooth loss. In fact, dental bridges rely on crowns to help anchor a replacement tooth. Dental implants are also frequently completed using full dental crowns, because of the natural look they can help create!


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