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5 Facts About Dental Fillings

added on: October 27, 2015

Do you have sensitive teeth or a persistent toothache? If so, then you may need treatment for tooth decay. Otherwise, you may develop an infection or eventually lose the tooth altogether. In order to restore the tooth we may recommend a simple dental filling. From a lifelike appearance to the ability to be placed in one visit, you may be surprised to learn the facts about dental fillings.

Do I Need One?

How do you know if you have a cavity? Tooth decay is the result of bacteria being able to bypass the protective layer of enamel, either through poor oral hygiene or a chipped/fractured tooth. The patient will first notice tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. As the cavity progresses a toothache may develop. If you notice discomfort that does not subside after 48 hours then talk to your dentist right away. You may need a restoration to protect your smile.

Facts About Dental Fillings

  1. They look natural: In the past, fillings were only made from amalgam or gold. However, we can now use a metal-free composite resin to create one. These can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth structure, so they look natural and blend with the smile.
  2. The restoration can be placed in a single visit: You won’t require multiple visits to receive one. Instead the entire procedure from start to finish only takes a single visit. For people with hectic schedules this is very convenient.
  3. The same material can be used to repair teeth: We can use the composite resin material to also repair teeth. In a dental bonding material, we use the resin to restore lost structure, close gaps between teeth, and reshape the tooth as necessary. As with the filling procedure, the entire treatment can be completed in a single visit.
  4. They can prevent infection: Without treatment a cavity will continue to grow until the tooth becomes infected. A dental infection can lead to serious discomfort and the risk of losing the tooth altogether. However, treating the issue early on can prevent the onset of a dental infection.


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