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Invisalign vs. Braces

added on: May 21, 2015

Many people assume braces are the only available option for correcting misalignment. While a straighter smile is desirable, some worry about how braces will affect their appearance. However, we can provide another orthodontic option, one that doesn’t require metal orthodontics. Which will best address misalignment, braces or Invisalign clear braces?

How Do Braces Work?

Braces use tension to reposition the teeth. First, metal brackets will be placed onto the teeth, typically on the front. However, lingual braces are added to the back of the teeth. Next, an arch wire will be added, connecting to the brackets. The dentist will make periodic adjustments, with optimal results achieved in about 18 months to 2 years. With metal orthodontics, patients will need to see the doctor regularly for adjustments and may need to avoid hard or sticky foods, which can become trapped in the orthodontics or potentially, damage them.

What is Invisalign?

Instead of using brackets and wires, patients will have impressions and images taken of their teeth. The impressions will be used by an Invisalign lab to create the aligners. Made form BPA-free clear plastic, Invisalign aligners must be worn all day and night, every day for about a year. Teen patients may require up to 18 months. Patients will upgrade to a new set every two weeks and won’t need to avoid certain foods, as they can remove aligners prior to a meal. Being able to remove them also make brushing and flossing easier, improving overall oral health.

Which Option Will Work Best for Me?

Braces can correct mild, moderate, or even severe misalignment. The clear braces work best for patients over the age of 15 who have more minor alignment issues. We will need to examine your teeth and jaw to decide which option will work best for your smile. If you have any questions please contact our office today.


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