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Keep Your Family’s Smiles Healthy This Summer

added on: June 8, 2016

Whatever your plans for this summer include, chances are both you and your children will try to enjoy the more relaxed schedule that they are afforded during their break from school. You may even have taken off time from work to make some priceless memories as a family. Whether your vacation time will lead you to faraway lands, or keep you close to home, don’t let the relaxed nature of summer break lead your family to struggle with dental problems. Instead, make sure you keep up a great hygiene routine and regular preventive dental care, so your family’s smiles will shine brightly all summer long, and beyond!

Maintain Routine Hygiene Schedules Even During Hectic Summer Break

During long summer days, chances are you and your kids will want to spend more time outside and exploring your hometown’s tourist attractions, like the pool, museums, parks and more. This can lead to extra whining when it comes time to brush teeth before bed, or even in the mornings before heading out on a new adventure.

It’s important that you still require the whole family to both brush and floss daily, though. Missing even a few brushings can increase the likelihood of developing cavities and other oral health concerns. So keep up your diligent dental hygiene routines, even if other parts of your schedule shift over the summer.

While traveling, make dental care easier by keeping toothbrushes and floss at the top of each family member’s suitcase, or in a single bag for toiletries, that is easy to get to for twice daily dental care.

Take Advantage of the Time Off from School with Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Summer break is also a great time to schedule your children’s semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. They won’t have to miss school, and dental appointments are easy ways to fill the days towards the end of summer, when everyone is a little stir crazy.

Just remember, even seemingly healthy smiles can benefit from routine dental visits every six months to remove any calcified tartar buildup, and to watch for burgeoning issues such as cavities.


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