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How Much Do You Really Know About Dental Cavities?

added on: November 15, 2016

Do you ever worry that you could be struggling with a dental cavity without even knowing it? Many people don’t realize how common cavities are, or that without restorative treatment they can lead to painful and tooth-threatening infections. Fortunately, in most cases a dentist can help save a damaged tooth and restore a patient’s comfort through the use of a simple dental filling. That said, prompt action is key to helping stop the acidic erosion and preventing the need for extensive measures further on down the line. With that in mind, learning to recognize the most common symptoms of cavities can help aid you in your quest to protect or restore your own oral health.

Are You Complaining of Pain?

Did you know that sensitivity and discomfort are often warning signs of acidic erosion, the kind characteristic of dental caries?

The reason cavities frequently cause sensitivity is because acidic erosion can leave the layer of tooth beneath the enamel, the dentin, exposed. This frequently leads to increasing discomfort. It may also cause noticeable grey or black lines in the crevices of the teeth, or even white patches on the surface of some teeth, where the enamel has been badly damaged.

Fortunately, dentists can often use minimally invasive dental fillings to help protect teeth made fragile by cavities from further erosion, while also improving a patient’s comfort. Prompt treatment of cavities is essential though, as it can also help prevent the need for more extensive treatment down the road, such as root canal treatment to address an infection.


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