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Do You Need Treatment for Bruxism?

added on: September 27, 2016

Have you been waking up each morning suffering from excruciating headaches? Do you suffer from frequent jaw pain, or difficulty chewing? Do your teeth seem extremely sensitive, or even excessively worn at the edges? Did you know these could all be symptoms of subconscious teeth grinding? Bruxism is the name for teeth grinding, which is common during sleep. Over time, bruxism can cause visible and painful damage to the teeth, and could also eventually lead to problems with the teeth’s alignment, as well. Fortunately, your dentist can help treat your bruxism, and leave you with a healthier smile!

Why Is Teeth Grinding Dangerous for Your Oral Health?

Teeth grinding is most commonly done subconsciously, either during times of extreme stress or anxiety, or at night, as one sleeps. Over time, this subconscious act can lead to visible damage to the teeth, such as jagged edges, or even chips and cracks. Sadly, this can also lead to sensitivity, discomfort, and it increases the likelihood of developing infection and alignment issues as well.

Bruxism can also cause frequent headaches, trouble sleeping, and generalized jaw pains, that can also affect the ears and neck.

How Can a Dentist Help Treat Bruxism?

A dentist can often help treat bruxism through the use of a mouthguard, which helps prevent subconscious grinding of the teeth at night. This customized guard is similar to the kind many patients are asked to wear during orthodontic treatment, or even while playing contact sports.

In some cases, the dentist may also recommend a dental crown or other tooth restoration to help protect teeth that have already been damaged by the teeth grinding.


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