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Can a Dental Crown Help Restore Your Smile?

added on: September 30, 2016

Are you struggling with dental discomfort because of a damaged tooth, such as a chipped or cracked tooth? Not only can these issues create embarrassment when smiling, they can make a tooth susceptible to developing an infection, as well. In fact, even simple cavities that go undiagnosed and therefore untreated for several months or even years, can eventually lead to an infection that will require root canal treatment. Many people don’t realize just how many dental problems can actually be addressed effectively through the use of a dental crown, though, if the issue is caught and treated promptly.

Is a Tooth Chipped, Cracked or Otherwise Damaged?

In the case of damaged teeth, whether the damage was caused by acidic erosion from a cavity, trauma or infection, a crown is often a great restorative solution. That is because dental crowns are designed to create long-lasting dental restorations, which can protect fragile teeth.

A crown bears the brunt of force that is exerted during chewing, which can help prevent chips and cracks from worsening with wear. A crown also helps seal out bacteria that might cause infection, or reinfection following root canal treatment.

Modern dental crowns can even be made of porcelain, which creates esthetic benefits as well as the functional ones. That is because porcelain is designed to look natural, in shade, shape, and even its sheen!

What Will a Crown Look and Feel Like?

In addition to being crafted to look natural, porcelain crowns are also designed for comfort, as well. Since porcelain conducts less heat than metal, many patients find these crowns are more comfortable than the metal crowns that were once common.


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