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Quiz: How Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

added on: June 5, 2015

You’ve probably heard about porcelain veneers and the complete smile restoration they offer. How do porcelain veneers work? Can anyone benefit from this dental restoration? We offer cosmetic restoration to transform our patient’s smiles and correct the appearance of common dental imperfections.

Waco, TX Porcelain Veneers Quiz

Question: Who qualifies for the procedure?

Answer: Most people can qualify for veneers if they have esthetic issues with their teeth. We will first need to examine your teeth and assess the cause of your smile issues. We can then decide if a restoration is the best choice for improving your smile’s beauty.

Question: What does receiving a veneer involve?

Answer: First, we need to prepare the teeth and make room for the new restoration. We will do this by removing a small layer of enamel. We will then take impression of the tooth. Using the impressions, a dental lab will then fabricate the veneers from porcelain. Once complete, we will check the fit and then make any adjustments. Finally, they will place them with a bonding agent.

Question: Can the procedure address any of my smile issues?

Answer: We may use this option to mask permanent discoloration, such as stains that occur due to injury or medication. We can also use them to correct the appearance of misalignment. We can also use them to lengthen worn down teeth, reshape malformed teeth, and even repair broken or cracked teeth. Finally, we often prescribe them to close gaps between teeth.

Question: How do I take care of my new restoration?

Answer: You can care for your new smile by simply maintaining good oral hygiene. Cleaning your teeth and restoration daily requires brushing and flossing. We also advise patients to have their teeth cleaned twice a year professionally. If you have any questions then contact our office today.


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