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Waco Dentist Shares Tips for Fresh Breath

added on: February 5, 2013

bad breath wacoFew things are as embarrassing as discovering your own bad breath. You may begin to turn slightly away from the people you’re talking to or limit yourself to few words, all in the effort of masking your breath. Unfortunately, your friends and coworkers may interpret your acts of kindness as rudeness. Thus, fresh breath is important to you because it allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your interactions with others. Your Waco dentist, Dr. Corbet Locke, discusses bad breath, its causes, and what you can do to prevent it.

Causes of Bad Breath

Halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, is often caused by bacteria in the mouth. Thus, people suffering from tooth decay or gum disease often struggle with bad breath. However, bacteria can be present even in healthier mouths, making bacteria removal a priority for fresh breath. Other causes of bad breath include sickness and a dry mouth.

Fighting Bad Breath

To combat bad breath, bacteria removal is vital. Brushing your teeth and flossing can remove bacteria and freshen breath. However, don’t forget your tongue during this process. Often, the tongue can be coated with bacteria, causing unpleasant breath, so brushing it can help. Mouthwashes are another good practice for achieving better breath, because of their bacteria-killing powers. However, these steps all seem fairly obvious. So what else can you do to prevent bad breath?

Try these tips for times when you can’t brush:

  • Stay hydrated. A dry mouth means less saliva, and that means bad breath. Saliva does some bacteria fighting of its own, and without it, you may find yourself with bad breath. A lack of saliva is also a major reason for morning breath. Your body produces less saliva during the night, leaving bacteria free to multiply.
  • Chew sugar-free gum. Gum encourages your mouth to produce more saliva. However, if you chew gum that contains sugar, you are only feeding bacteria. Mints often do the same thing, and they don’t encourage you to produce as much saliva as gum does.

Schedule a Visit with Your Waco Dentist

Regular dental visits are another weapon in the war against halitosis. Dental cleanings can remove bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar. If it has been more than six months since your last dental visit, schedule an appointment with your Waco dentist, Dr. Locke, by calling 254-776-4888. Our 76172 dental office serves patients from Waco, Woodway, McGregor, Hewitt, and surrounding communities.