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What’s In a Dental Crown?

added on: May 25, 2016

Are you concerned that you may need restorative treatment? Many people require restorative dental treatment each year, to deal with cavities, chips, and a variety of other dental problems. In fact, the teeth cannot repair themselves the way many other parts of the body are able to do, which means restorative treatment is often the only way to cope with a dental issue that is affecting the teeth. Fortunately modern dentistry provides a number of comfortable and even cosmetically-pleasing ways to cope with issues, so that patients can smile confidently after their restorative work is completed. So if you have been postponing a visit to the dentist, out of fear your smile will never look or feel the same, it is time to breath a sigh of relief. Restorative dentistry can make your smile look and feel much better!

The Various Materials for Dental Crowns

Metal amalgam crowns and fillings used to be popular forms of restorative dentistry, but they are no longer the predominant material used for dental restorations. That is because metal is not a safe choice for those with metal allergies or sensitivities, but it can also cause discomfort for many patients, because of metal’s relatively high conductivity level, which means hot or cold foods and drinks can cause irritation.

Another obvious downside to the use of metal crowns is that they’re easily identifiable. Fortunately, most dentists now have a variety of materials of crowns available, including porcelain which is far more natural-looking than metal, and often more comfortable as well. In fact, a porcelain dental crown is one of the most seamless ways to restore a smile.

Zirconia is another material favored for natural-looking restorations that are also durable and long-lasting.


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