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Why You Really Should Be Flossing More

added on: December 13, 2016

You probably already know that you should be flossing everyday, but are you doing it? If not, why is that? While most adults do brush their teeth at least once or twice a day, many studies indicate that less than 30 percent say they are flossing regularly. Toothbrush bristles can only reach approximately 2/3 of the teeth’s surface, so when you skip out on flossing it is allowing approximately 1/3 of their surface to remain “dirty.” Over time, this can lead to significant tartar buildup, bad breath, and other oral health problems. Help to cut down on the risk of dental issues, and improve your next dental visit, by simply flossing once a day.

Don’t Fret Perfection; Just Get In the Habit of Flossing

If you are worried about proper technique, don’t be. As long as you are effectively reaching between each tooth, you are helping to loosen and therefore remove bacteria. The biggest issue is simply using enough floss to have a clean piece to move between each tooth. Most people don’t use enough floss.

With practice, flossing should only add a few minutes to your dental care routine, yet it can help your next checkup and cleaning go much better, and make your smile much happier.

Don’t Think Mouthwash Is a Substitute for Flossing

While mouthwashes can be helpful additions to your oral care routine, they should not be seen as alternatives to brushing or flossing. That is because mouthwash is not as effective as either brushing or flossing. Plus, overuse of mouthwash, particularly those containing alcohol, can actually dry out the sensitive gum tissue.


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