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Preventive Dentistry Benefits

added on: March 26, 2015

There are innumerable reasons you need preventive dentistry. Like the name implies, preventive dental care involves identifying and treating potential issues in the early stages or helping a patient avoid them completely. At Corbet Locke, DDS, we offer a number of innovative and convenient preventive treatment options.

5 Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

  1. You can enjoy fresher breath: Twice a year we recommend patients receive a thorough dental cleaning. This preventive procedure involves removing plaque from the teeth, which can freshen the breath. Likewise, brushing and flossing daily at home can also aid in avoiding halitosis.
  2. We can identify problems in the early stages: A checkup and dental cleaning are a major component of our approach to preventive dentistry. During a dental exam we will carefully exam the teeth and gums for any indicators of potential tooth decay or gum disease. The doctor will also look for warning signs of oral cancer and other dental health issues. By uncovering the earliest stages of dental health problems we can administer treatment as soon as possible.
  3. You can receive emergency services: A dental emergency involves any damage to the teeth or gums. We can provide treatment to repair a damaged tooth or address sudden discomfort. However, if you think the problem is possible life threatening, then call 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.
  4. Prevention includes oral cancer screenings: The doctor will look for any possible indicators of oral cancer, including sore or rough patches that don’t heal. If necessary, we can perform a biopsy as well.
  5. We can treat gum disease: We can perform a deep cleaning to remove plaque from the surface of your teeth and root canals. If you have sore, red gums that bleed easily, then schedule a consultation for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. We can help you manage your gum disease.


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