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Can You Prevent Gum Disease? Part Two

added on: July 8, 2016

Now that you know how pervasive gum disease is in America, do you feel extra motivated to help take better care of your gums? Many patients don’t realize that simply by flossing every day, they can drastically reduce their chance of developing gum disease. However, there are a few other steps you can and should take to help ensure you maintain great oral health throughout your life, including routine dental checkups and cleanings and paying close attention to warning signs your smile might produce if it is facing an oral health threat like gum disease.

Q. Are Dental Checkups and Cleanings Important?

A. Even if you are extremely diligent about your dental hygiene, you may still struggle with plaque buildup, which is a primary contributor to both the development of cavities and gum disease. This is where preventive dental appointments come in, helping to remove any calcified plaque buildup, and leaving you with a healthier (and often more beautiful) smile, in the process.

While people commonly believe that visiting the preventive dentist once or twice a year is sufficient, most patients would actually enjoy healthier smiles by visiting three to four times a year, instead of once or twice.

Q. What to Do If There Are Signs of Trouble?

A. In the case of gum disease, there are often several warning signs that your smile could be in trouble. Inflamed, irritated or easily bleeding gums are some common symptoms of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease.

If you notice parts of your gum tissue looking darker or more red than others, this can also be a symptom of gingivitis. Healthy gum tissue should be pink, in color.


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