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Restorative Dentistry Can Get You Smiling Again: Part One

added on: July 13, 2016

When you are suffering from a painful tooth infection, it can become difficult to go about your daily routines, much less to enjoy them. Mealtimes and even coffee breaks can be met with disheartening discomfort, when a deep cavity or other dental trauma has left your smile in poor oral health. Even smiling can become uncomfortable, both due to the pain of a possible infection and the embarrassment dental problems can cause. Fortunately, modern restorative dentistry provides a number of ways to help address a host of dental issues, such as cavities and oral trauma. From fillings to crowns, or even extraction, there are a number of ways your restorative dentist can help improve your overall oral health, and just as importantly get you smiling again.

When Are Dental Fillings the Solution?

In the case of cavities, most of the time a simple dental filling will be sufficient for restoring the tooth. That is because a filling helps to seal a decayed tooth against further erosion, and also helps to reduce the possibility of developing an infection, after the tooth has become compromised.

Perhaps best of all, fillings no longer have to be made of unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable metal amalgam. Instead, modern fillings can be made of a composite resin material, which bonds well with teeth and provides cosmetic benefits as well.

In fact, the resin can be made to match your teeth’s natural shading and even contouring, so that people won’t see your dental work; they’ll see your smile.

Left untreated, however, cavities are likely to lead to a more severe condition, like a tooth infection.