Compelling Reasons to Choose Seamless Smile Restorations: Part One Corbet Locke D.D.S. in Woodway
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Compelling Reasons to Choose Seamless Smile Restorations: Part One

added on: April 21, 2016

When was the last time you needed restorative dental work? If you are fortunate enough to have never required a filling or dental crown, you may not know what to expect if your dentist tells you restorative action is needed, either to improve your oral health or to protect a damaged tooth. Of course, if it has been several years since you had dental work completed, you may also feel unsure about how your smile will look or feel, after restoration is completed. For many years, metal fillings and crowns were prominent forms of restoration. They were effective at protecting teeth; unfortunately they left noticeable changes to a smile, and they could also be uncomfortable for some patients. Fortunately for you, modern restorative dentistry provides a number of comfortable and esthetically-pleasing alternatives to metal, for correcting smile concerns, including porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings!

Tooth-colored Fillings Offer Beautiful, Strong Protection

You may already know that dental fillings are most commonly recommended when a cavity is present. That’s because a dental filling helps seal the tooth against further decay, or the possibility of an infection.

Tooth-colored fillings rely on a composite resin material, instead of metal, to create this barrier against bacteria. The resin bonds well with teeth, provides a durable finish, and perhaps best of all, should blend nearly seamlessly with a natural smile.

This gives patients the comfort of a non-metal restoration, and the confidence that comes from knowing people will be looking at you, not your dental work.


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