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Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

added on: February 8, 2017

Many patients who are in the Waco, TX area have an interest in improving the look of their smile. They might be suffering from broken or misshapen teeth, or they might be missing their teeth altogether. There are plenty of reasons that someone will want to improve their smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has the answers you need. Many have considered cosmetic dentistry, but they have no idea exactly what it entails or what types of treatments they could get.

A quality cosmetic dentist has the ability to make your smile as beautiful as you have always wanted it to be. They have a range of procedures that can help you.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a large field that can encompass quite a few different types of procedures. One of the most common and simple of these procedures is called teeth whitening. This can be done at home or it can be done in the dentist’s office. Veneers are a popular option, as well. It is possible to use the veneers as a way of covering up discolored teeth, as well as for chipped or gapped teeth. Bonding, dental implants, and contouring and reshaping can also be beneficial.

Is It Only for the Vain?

When people hear the word cosmetic dentistry, they automatically think that it is only for those who are worried about their appearance. The truth is that cosmetic dentistry can help you improve the way you look, which will help you improve the way you feel about yourself. However, it does go beyond aesthetics. When you undergo cosmetic dentistry, the procedures can often help to improve your bite and the health of your mouth, as well.

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