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Do You Need a Dental Prosthetic to Complete Your Smile?

added on: December 20, 2016

When was the last time you enjoyed the confidence that comes from a whole, and beautiful smile? For adults who have suffered from tooth loss, it can be difficult thinking back to how much simpler life seemed, or how much more enjoyable their mealtimes were, when they still had all their natural teeth. Sadly, when faced with tooth loss, many people choose to simply make do with their incomplete smiles. Others settle for unsupported or even ill-fitting dental prosthetics, in an effort to complete their smiles quickly. If you are looking for a comfortable and confidence-inducing smile restoration, though, it is advisable to speak with your dentist about the other prosthetic options available for treatment, such as dental bridges and dental implants, both of which can offer stable restorations.

Unsupported Dentures Are One Restorative Option

While many people do opt for unsupported dentures, there are several reasons to consider alternative forms of treatment.

For instance:

  • Many patients find that unsupported dentures can shift during meals, causing potential discomfort and also embarrassment
  • Dentures do not provide nourishment to the jaw the way healthy teeth do, meaning that over time the jaw can begin to shrink (some alternatives do help nourish the jaw)
  • Adhesives can only provide temporary support of dentures

Restore Your Smile and Confidence with a Dental Bridge or Implant

Dental bridges provide more stability than unsupported dentures, because they rely on crowns to hold a replacement tooth in place. These crowns are affixed to remaining teeth, in an effort to bridge the gap created by the tooth loss. In this way, bridges can help to address the loss of a single tooth or several.

Dental implants provide even more security, though, because they rely on posts that are first surgically inserted into the jaw. There, the soft tissue can then grow around them, providing a permanent and secure base for a replacement tooth of choice. Implants are considered the most permanent and secure form of tooth replacement available, and one which actually helps nourish the jaw while also completing the smile. That is because the implant mimics a healthy tooth root, allowing for nutrients to be provided to the jaw.


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