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FAQs: Root Canals

added on: March 17, 2015


Many people feel apprehensive about a root canal procedure, but know little about it. What happens during a root canal? In reality, this safe and comfortable procedure is essential for ensuring a healthy smile and preventing the need for extraction. To address infection or dental abscess, you may benefit from endodontic treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Question: Why do we need endodontic treatment?

Answer: When a tooth becomes infected or abscessed, treatment is needed in order to prevent the infection from spreading. An infection may develop as a result of dental fractures, poor oral hygiene, or advanced tooth decay. If you notice persistent tooth sensitivity or toothaches, you should have your teeth examined to make sure you aren’t in need of endodontic treatment.

Question: What does the procedure involve?

Answer: First, we administer a local anesthetic to ensure the comfort of the patient. The tooth will then be opened and the infected tissue carefully removed. Afterward, we will clean and disinfect the tooth. A special filling will be placed inside the tooth. Finally, a dental crown will be placed over the tooth to protect the remaining structure and avoid further decay or infection.

Question: What happens if we ignore the warning signs of infection?

Answer: if you don’t seek treatment, the infection may cause the pulp to die. Your pulp sits at the center of the tooth, overseeing the flow of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth. At this point, the tooth will require extraction. Otherwise, the infection may reach the surrounding teeth and the jawbone tissue.

Question: How will my tooth look after the procedure?

Answer: Once we place the crown, your tooth will look natural and blend with your smile. No one but you and your dentist will know you received a root canal procedure. However, your smile will remain healthy and whole.


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