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Smile More Confidently with Cosmetic Dentistry

added on: August 16, 2016

Do you often find yourself dreaming about the confidence you felt when you were younger? Is your insecurity, now, related to changes you’ve noticed in your smile? Over time, many people struggle with visible changes to their teeth and gums, changes that can cause embarrassment when smiling. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to hide or improve upon these imperfections, leading to more beautiful and confidence-inducing smiles. So if you are tired of wishing you could roll back the clock, instead of looking forward to your bright future, why not discover the ways a cosmetic dentist could help you achieve a dreamy smile, now!

When Is Professional Whitening the Answer?

One of the most common complaints, particularly as a person ages, is noticeable staining and discoloration of the teeth. That is because even though your teeth’s enamel is strong, it is still porous, which means it can discolor over time.

To help reverse staining, and improve the overall brightness of one’s smile, professional whitening treatment can help. It helps to break up stains on the surface of the teeth, leading to noticeably brighter teeth. In fact, in many cases it can lighten teeth by more than eight shades, leaving the smile visibly whiter, and often younger-looking as well.

How Can Veneers Improve Your Smile?

If staining isn’t your only concern, for instance if you are troubled by worn edges, disproportionately small teeth, or gaps that might have worsened over time, porcelain veneers could provide an effective solution. Veneers are able to hide most dental imperfections, helping to create more symmetrical and beautiful smiles.


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