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Learn More About Dental Restorations

added on: January 26, 2016

When a tooth becomes damaged or if a cavity develops then you require treatment. Otherwise, minor discomfort could soon progress into a serious pain as an infection or abscess occurs. In order to repair the tooth and return it to optimal health and function, the doctor may place a dental restoration. Are you interested in learning more about dental restorations?


A filling is used to repair a cavity in a tooth. After removing decay, the doctor places a composite resin into the exposed area. Metal-free, the dental filling looks natural and can blend with the surrounding tooth structure. Fillings treat tooth decay, help prevent the issue from becoming an infection, and end toothaches and tooth sensitivity that often accompany cavities. We can also use the same material for dental bonding procedures in order to correct chipped teeth.

Dental Crowns

A crown fits over the entire visible portion of the tooth. We make them from lifelike materials. For teeth near the front of the mouth we use ceramic, which looks natural and is stain resistant. For teeth near the back of the mouth, which must endure more serious bite forces, we can recommend zirconia, which is also lifelike and very strong. We may recommend this type of restoration for serious tooth decay or teeth that have become cracked or chipped.


A veneer fits onto the front of the tooth. Made from thin shells of porcelain, the veneers change the appearance of the teeth. We can use them to alter a number of different issues, including:

  • The appearance of misalignment
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Broken or misshapen teeth
  • Teeth stains

If you have any questions about any of our dental restorations then contact our team today. We can answer questions and see if your smile benefits from the placement of a filling, crown, or porcelain veneer.


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